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Ridgway Park Publishing is a small, privately owned company dedicated to producing high-quality books and related products on local topics. The company’s flagship product, a 207-page book about America’s greatest urban park, is the first guidebook to be written about Balboa Park in 60 years. A 30-year Park veteran wrote Discover Balboa Park with contributions from several other knowledgeable Park advocates. A second edition deduted in 2007.

Discover Balboa Park was co-published by the House of Hospitality Association and is The Official Guidebook of the Balboa Park Visitors Center. Another recent product of Ridgway Park Publishing is San Diego’s Mission Trails Regional Park Official Guidebook, co-published by the MTRP Foundation. This became the first-ever guidebook produced for San Diego’s huge 5,800-acre open space park.

Other products currently available include two self-guided walking tours of Balboa Park, an illustrated children’s book about Kate Sessions, "Mother of Balboa Park" and second children's book,
Balboa Park: A to Z

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