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Kate Sessions: The Mother of Balboa Park

Kate illustrations

Kate Sessions: Mother of Balboa Park

by Joy Raab • $10.95

In this charming children’s book, author and illustrator Joy Raab tells how San Diego’s unique urban park became a botanical, as well as cultural, wonderland. Kate Sessions: Mother of Balboa Park chronicles the story of Kate’s life from her days as a student in Oakland in the late 1800s, to her proudest moment, when, at age 81, she received a medal from the American Genetic Association - first ever awarded to a woman - for her work in flower and plant introduction.

By following her dream of working with plants, she literally changed the landscape of a small city, attracting thousands to move there--and today, millions of tourists to visit--with its reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in America. Kate Olivia Sessions’ impact on San Diego can be seen everywhere in that city today.

Besides charming full-color illustrations on every page, In the back of the book is a map and drawing of “Kate’s Trees”--12 species that she popularized in the San Diego landscape. The map shows where one of each species can be found in Balboa Park. Raab hopes that the book will inspire children to love trees and to learn more about the history of Balboa Park by visiting these sites.

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